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Naia Pascual



Obtaining good photographic results is almost never a matter of chance, it requires prior preparation and a procedure that begins long before the moment the camera shutter is pressed.

On this occasion it will discover some of the methodologies, tools and procedures that Naia uses to carry out a photographic project, what is behind the camera but not seen. A journey through different environments and species, with images collected from the extreme north of Norway to the desert lands of Lanzarote, but also in closer lands of the Iberian Peninsula.


Naia Pascual, nature photographer specialized in wildlife photography, passionate about bird photography. OM-System Ambassador  and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (AEFONA).

A few years ago, Naia decided to turn her life around 180º to pursue her dream: dedicate herself to nature photography. Naia moved to live in the cold lands of the Arctic, in the extreme north of Norway, on the Varanger peninsula, where she has dedicated herself to the study and photography of a multitude of birds and mammals, both terrestrial and marine.


Since then Naia has not stopped, she has traveled various countries and territories with the aim of her photography bringing a bit of nature closer to everyone, to try to make her images make sense and manage to at least stir up something beyond where they pass, trying to contribute her grain of sand in the essential task of conservation.

 Entende a fotografia de natureza como uma forma de documentar os seres vivos e ecossistemas, mas também, como uma forma de arte, que faz a ponte entre a sensibilidade humana e o mundo natural, sendo por isso uma ferramenta fundamental para a preservação dos valores naturais.

 Passaram pelas suas lentes espécies como o Lobo ibérico, grifo, salamandra lusitânica, vaca loura e muitos outros.

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